Explore the iconic Messier catalog while inspiring people across the world to get excited about astronomy

From March 4 to April 3, stargazers will gather to celebrate a unique chance to observe celestial objects from the famed Messier catalog.

Here at Unistellar, we’re encouraging everyone to not only enjoy the iconic Messier objects, but also inspire others to discover space! This is an amazing opportunity to see some of the best objects the night sky has to offer while uniting people around the world to look up at the night sky.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to share your amazing photos with us and join the conversation through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages using the hashtag #UnistellarChallenge!

eVscope Messier Marathon participation ideas

Discover ideas for celebrating astronomy during Messier Marathon. From sidewalk astronomy to Messier Bingo, and more!

Evscope tips for the messier marathon

The Messier marathon is not just a test of astronomy skill and fortitude, it’s an exercise in planning and preparedness. Get tips for racing and planning.

eVscope - astonomy telescope

If you have one hour, or one evening, you’ll find a Messier-themed race that’s perfect for you.

e-book, Messier Marathon guide

The Unistellar Guide to the Messier Marathon is the ultimate travel guide to the ultimate astronomy challenge. Download this free eBook for information on Charles Messier and his catalog; tips for planning a Messier Marathon and attending star parties; information on the 110 Messier objects, with a recommended observing order; various Messier races to consider; and a journal with room for observation plans and notes.

unistellar-charles messier history

Learn about legendary French astronomer Charles Messier, whose love for comets inspired his catalog of non-comet objects.

Charles Messier Catalog

Discover the history of this fascinating catalog, which includes 110 deep-sky objects such as nebulae, galaxies and star clusters.

The Ultimate Marathon Partners:

Unistellar eVscope eQuinox and eVscope 2

The eQuinox and eVscope 2 are the world’s most powerful partners for astronomy’s most thrilling and challenging tasks.