Feel the thrills of scientific discovery

and be part of an active community of users

who discover comets, find supernovae or

search and watch threatening asteroids

thanks to our partnership with the SETI Institute.

Easy to use and smart.

Turn your eVscope  on, choose an object on your app

and observe.

No constellations knowledge required, no polar star alignment,

the eVscope does it all by itself

and in a few minutes.

Canning power and accuracy in a
unique compact design that you can
carry anywhere.


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There are no upcoming events at this time.


  • This could be a very powerful tool for astronomers who can basically engage Citizen Scientists

    Bill Diamond
    President and CEO at the SETI institute
  • This is an opportunity to see the sky in new ways

    Jill Tarter
    Ph.D. Bernard Oliver Chair at the SETI Institute
  • I saw this vivid, intensely colored planetary nebula, just like what you see in books. The few people who got the chance to use this device that evening were incredibly impressed.”

    Leo Tramiel
    co-inventor of the ComodorePET, after experiencing an eVscope dem