Astronomy is our adventure. Now, and especially in these troubled times, we invite you on a trip to outer space.

Starting on March 19, and for a whole week, until March 26, our community is getting together for the first Global Messier Marathon Week. On the 19, our citizen science partner, the SETI Institute, is hosting a Facebook Live on its Facebook page at 2 pm PDT.

Take your eVscope to your garden, your balcony, or wherever you can look at the sky and observe as many Messier galaxies, nebulae,… as you can, and get a sense of the vastness and the mysterious beauty of our Universe.

Share the news and, while you observe, do not hesitate to share your observing records and pictures of yourself observing, using the hashtags #messiermarathon and #unistellar.

Clear skies to all!!