In the midst of difficult times, we must confess we have been overwhelmed by the positive perseverance of our community. You were hundreds to join this first-of-its kind “Astronomy from Home” movement during this Unistellar Global Messier Marathon.

For those new to the hobby, a Messier Marathon is an event of the northern hemisphere where astronomers observe as many Messier Catalog objects as they can during a favorable time of the year where the moon is absent and the sky orientation allows them to observe all of them. There are 110 Messier objects, all galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.

From Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Italy or the United States, while locked down at home, we have been adventuring all through outer space from our gardens, rooftops and balconies. And the results are here, many of you got to observe an incredible number of objects from this mythical challenge.

Needless to say, we were absolutely wowed by all the posts that you shared with us via social media or by e-mail.

Check too this Messier Marathon online gallery from Jean-Marie and these two posters from Petri and Gerd:

Are you curious to do the experience yourself? You don’t need to wait for the optimal time of the year to observe a large part of these objects, as you will see, any given night you can access to a number of objects named M1 to M110, which are the objects of this Messier catalog, along with many more galaxies and nebulae sometimes even more strikingly beautiful.

For guidance you can have a look at our event launch video. If you are still new to the eVscope, check out our beginner’s unboxing tutorial. That way you will be ready for the next Global Messier Marathon Challenge.