Welcome to a new frontier in citizen science – exoplanet detection!

The search and discovery of exoplanets (planets orbiting stars outside of our solar system) has become one of the most active and exciting areas in modern astronomy.
Now, because of the Unistellar eVscope’s breakthrough technology and ease of use, you can join professional astronomers and participate in the search and discovery of exoplanets in our galaxy.
To get started, we recommend you read the following pages:
  • 1.) What is an Exoplanet? –> to learn about exoplanets and how they are found

  • 2.) How to? –> to learn how to observe them with your Unistellar eVscope

  • 3.) Transit Predictions –> for the most up-to-date exoplanet targets by geographic location

  • 4.) Results –> to see the most exciting results from our citizen science exoplanet discovery network (coming soon)

Happy planet hunting!