Unistellar eVscope backpack

$ 359.00

Yes, it’s the official eVscope backpack! Many of you, our supporters, asked for a dedicated backpack to use with your eVscope. Well, we asked the designer who worked on your telescope to create one, and here it is!!


One of the eVscope’s key features is portability—you can take it anywhere you want to use a powerful, networked telescope. The eVscope backpack brings that portability to life by making it easy to carry your telescope and its tripod anywhere. And we’ve positioned its compartments to ensure that your backpack is not just easy to use, but also perfectly balanced when carrying your eVscope.


This backpack is also designed to keep your telescope safe. Built-in foam inserts precisely match the shape of your eVscope, straps ensure that it doesn’t move while in motion, and a waterproof cover protects it from rain and humidity.

The pack, which is 27.56 x 11.42 x 8.86 inches (H x W x D), is made out of the same robust materials as computer bags.


Ships to USA and Canada.

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