Take Part in NASA's Lucy Mission

The Unistellar community invites you to a unique and fascinating experience! On October 16th, the launch window for NASA’s Lucy Mission — the first ever mission to the Trojan asteroids — will begin. Discover not only about the journey to these “time capsules from the birth of our Solar System,” but also about how, as a citizen astronomer, you can directly contribute to Lucy’s stellar adventure.

Through positive detections of three different Trojan asteroids, the Unistellar community has already helped Lucy get a better understanding of its targets. In the coming months, eVscope and eQuinox owners from across the globe will have opportunities to continue to contribute to this groundbreaking journey. Scroll down the page to view our calendar of events, learn more about asteroids, and stay tuned for more news!

Get Involved in 2022

This year, you can observe any of Lucy’s targets: Eurybates, Polymele, Leucus, Orus, and Patroclus!
Click here to see when and where you can detect these asteroids over this year.

This video shows specific paths of asteroid occultations viewable across the globe this year

More on Lucy

Check Unistellar’s Lucy cards to find information about Lucy, its main instruments and the objects the probe is going to visit.

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This October, NASA is sending a spacecraft to study Trojan asteroids, which share Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun.

Unistellar citizen astronomers

Unistellar Network’s Citizen Science Contributions to NASA’s Lucy Mission

Unistellar’s network of citizen astronomers successfully detected three of the Trojan asteroids that NASA’s Lucy mission will visit.

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Asteroid Occultations 101

Asteroids killed the dinosaurs, flattened Tunguska, and carved a hole in Arizona, yet most slide through our solar system almost invisibly. How can you observe these elusive telescope targets as a citizen scientist?

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