Join the (ad)venture

Unistellar announced on February 3, 2021, a crowdfunding campaign that offers equity to accredited investors* through Fundable, following frequent requests from customers who want to join the “(ad)venture” as investors.

More than $1 million has already been raised in 48 hours, during the pre-launch phase. The company, profitable after only nine months of product commercialization, is taking its share of the billion-dollar amateur astronomy market while accelerating scientific space exploration advances. Click here to read the full press release.

Unistellar is disrupting the astronomy market with the first consumer telescope that is easy to use and powerful enough to allow you to experience the beauty of space and scientific discovery. A fun and educational instrument that gives access to 200 times more targets than conventional telescopes, such as galaxies, nebulae and supernovae. Portable, simplest and fastest to operate, from an in-town balcony or from the countryside, Unistellar’s digital telescopes are finally bringing astronomy into people’s everyday lives.


Thibaud Elziere recently joined the (ad)venture as an investor.

Read his interview for his viewpoint on space, profitability, community, and more.


Prof. Emilio Frazzoli recently joined the (ad)venture as an investor.

Check his views on Unistellar’s founders passion for space and on the importance of execution and market potential.

*This offering is strictly limited to US-based accredited investors. Please note that your accreditation status will be verified prior to investment. Please refer to the SEC Rules for the definition of an accredited investor.