Share the beauty of the cosmos and the excitement of scientific discovery with the eVscope eQuinox

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“What Unistellar does for us is to enable students to ‘learn by doing,’ and get a metaphorical hands-on experience with the universe. 
The chance that our students might have their contributions published or even better, make a discovery of their own, is a dream for me as an educator.
What the eVscope offers is incredible. It is an elegant and simple way for my students and I to engage with the universe. The ability to broadcast what is being shown via platforms such as Zoom makes it even more amazing, with students, possibly not even from our school, getting involved remotely from home.”

Graham Pullen

Head of Physics and Assistant Head of Science
The Ongar Academy
Essex, England

The eVscope

  • gives a unique hands-on-approach to learn about our universe.
  • only takes a few minutes to set up and is very user-friendly.
  • has an algorithm that can filter out most light pollution, so you can see deep sky objects from any location worldwide.
  • allows your students to directly contribute to cutting-edge science and may even make new discoveries of their own.
  • is great for all ages.
  • is a very compact, portable, and lightweight telescope that is perfect for field trips.
  • can be great tool for students to feel empowered to run by themselves in your class, for your school, for your community, or even virtually, for schools and communities around the world.

Hear what university professors have to say about the eVscope

“First time doing this with my physics class and very quickly they were controlling the scope with their phones, taking photos of galaxies, Saturn, moon, nebulae. And of course asking great questions, including wondering about the possibility of a physics minor. One student stated enthusiastically, ‘this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.’ Thank you for making this possible with the eVscope!”

Todd Duncan

Professor of Physics
Pacific University
Forest Grove, OR, USA

Alex Filippenko

Professor of Astronomy
University of California
Berkeley, CA, USA
“When the students in my intro astronomy course looked at the Andromeda galaxy through the eVscope, there was a flurry of excitement. Instead of the faint, barely visible fuzz that was seen in a larger telescope, there was structure and detail in the extended galaxy. It was so easy to select and slew between objects that students began making requests to look at additional objects discussed in class. It was possible to see the star-forming region in the Orion nebula, open and globular clusters and other objects with unprecedented detail. The eVscope easily delivers images that are possible only with much larger and complex equipment. It gives my students a breath-taking, inspirational view of the universe.”

Debra Ann Fischer

Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy
Yale University
New Haven, CT, USA
It was put on the Orion nebula and that was a spectacular image. A number of amateur astronomers were there, they looked at the image and they said, ‘wow, that blew my socks off!'”

Bing Quock

Assistant Director of the Morrison Planetarium
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, CA, USA

The eVscope is a powerful, user-friendly, hands-on tool that will captivate your students

Since the eVscope only takes a few minutes to set up, your class will be ready to start witnessing the wonders of our universe in no time. Once you show your students how to use the eVscope, they can start right away, and continue to learn while using it. Compared to other telescopes that take a long time to set up and are difficult to operate, the eVscope is unique in that it is an all-in-one telescope that is easy-to-use.

Regardless of where your classroom is located, even in the middle of a light-polluted city, your students will be able to discover a multitude of celestial objects. The eVscope’s Enhanced Vision allows you and your students to see the universe in its full color in just seconds.

Your students can make a real difference in enhancing our understanding of the universe

Our partnership with the SETI Institute allows students to join a network of eVscope users around the world in directly contributing to cutting-edge science. Your class will be able to perform many exciting scientific experiments in a single year, including exoplanet transit curve data collection and analysis, asteroid occultation path trajectory and statistical error, and many others. These experiments will give you the opportunity to dig deeper into the science behind them and create exciting lesson plans.

Your students may even have the opportunity to experience the thrill of making new discoveries of their own. This can give your students something to bring with them into higher education as well as their careers.

The eVscope is also an exciting case study for students in technologies like telecommunications, robotics, electronics, signal processing, and more.

The eVscope is the best tool for making astronomy accessible, whether you are looking to enhance your science class or want to begin a new astronomy observation lab course

The eVscope gives your students a hands-on-approach to learn about our universe. Observing through the eVscope makes lessons and textbooks come to life in a way that students can shape themselves.

The eVscope is fit for all ages. Younger students can discover the beauty and shape of astronomical objects, while older students can learn the science behind the experiments they perform with the eVscope.

This one-of-a-kind telescope is the perfect companion to take on field trips. It is a very compact, lightweight, and portable backpack telescope. It is ideal for astronomy observation lab classes.

Once you and your class are familiar with the eVscope, it also becomes a great tool for students to feel empowered to run by themselves in your class, for your school, or for your community. You can even take a global step to have your students broadcast the eVscope’s live view online via video sharing platforms to share with schools and communities around the world.

Imagine sharing the beauty of the cosmos with your students, just seconds and minutes after setting up your eVscope:

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