Planetary Defense Campaign: July & August 2021

Near-Earth Asteroid 2000 PQ9 will be visible from July 3 to August 12 in the Southern Hemisphere and from July 20 to August 7 in the Northern Hemisphere. With your data, we may be able to determine this asteroid’s shape and rotational period!


Quick Facts about 2000 PQ9:

  • Roughly 3 times the size of the Eiffel Tower
  • Belongs to the subgroup of near-Earth asteroids known as Amor asteroids
  • On July 21 at 7:33 PM UTC, 2000 PQ9 will fly close to Earth at a distance of about 5.5 million miles or 9 million kilometers (about 23 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon).


You can find 2000 PQ9 easily in the Unistellar app’s database.

Observation of 2000 PQ9, from Reunion Island, by Patrice Huet, July 7th 2021

To observe 2000 PQ9:

  • Follow the How To Guide for A. The Planetary Defense target is in the Unistellar app’s database and you’re observing it via the Science Observation mode
  • In the Recording field, enter the following information:

    Exposure time: 3971 ms
    Gain: 25 dB
    Duration: 40m 00s

  • Refresh the Go To from the Explore tab every 40 minutes and launch another round!
  • Observe for at least 3 rounds. The more the better!

Orbits of 2000 PQ9, Earth, and Mars around the Sun.

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