Hello exoplanet hunter! Ready to find some planets?!

If you haven’t read the overview page on what is an exoplanet, and other background info on the science of exoplanets and how they’re found, then please check out our dedicated page on exoplanets.

Ready to start observing an exoplanet with your Unistellar eVscope?

Watch the tutorial!

Please be sure to carefully read over the observation directions PDF link above if you are attempting your first exoplanet transit with your Unistellar eVscope or need a refresher. Then, take a look at the upcoming exoplanet targets by region to choose your observation! We’re always working to expand our network so stay tuned for targets in new regions around the world as the network grows.

AFTER OBSERVING, please submit this REPORT FORM so we know to process your data. Include questions and data requests in the form’s comments box or email them to citizenscience@unistellaroptics.com.

Also be sure to join our Exoplanets Citizen Science Community on Slack: open the Unistellar app, go to the Science tab, tap the icon i in the top right, and follow the instructions.

Successful observers whose data show an exoplanet transit will be provided with a transit light curve and their data may be made available (with their consent) for use in other research that the SETI Institute and collaborating scientists are working on in the field of exoplanets.

Please send questions to citizenscience@unistellaroptics.com or ask them on Slack.