Help us better understand the changing activity of comets (beta program)

Unistellar is currently extending our citizen science programs to comets. The new Cometary Activity is currently at the beta stage, and will evolve and improve over the coming months, thanks to your feedback.

Cometary Activity involves detecting, monitoring, and understanding the comets within our solar system. Made up of frozen gas, water, and dust, the surface of comets are constantly sublimating due to the Sun. This sublimation gives rise to the beautiful tails comets are known for but can also cause flares or changes in the orbit of the comet.

Comets may break into multiple pieces, visit us only once every century or head outside our solar system: Hard to predict, rarely observable, these objects deserve the help of citizen astronomers.

Now, because of the Unistellar eVscope’s breakthrough technology and ease of use, you can join professional astronomers and participate in the search and monitoring of these comets, from helping to understand their global behavior to getting a better knowledge of their internal structure!

To get started, click on the following pages: