Enjoy a Space Month Full of Beauty and Awe

This month features exclusively free, virtual events, open to stargazers across the globe. Activities are designed so that novices can participate along with pros.

An Impossible Challenge?

We’ve got a special challenge for you: observe a supermassive black hole from your backyard! You have until July 18 to complete this quest!

Take on our #ImpossibleChallenge to observe the galaxy Messier 87 with its black hole jet!

Impossible Challenge Black Hole Jet M87

Weekly Celestial Observation Challenges

Discover the mystery and majesty of Deep-Sky Objects such as nebulae, galaxies, globular clusters and much more. New Observation Challenges kick off every Friday.

For details, follow #UnistellarChallenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Lunar Celebration: On the Moon Again

On the Moon Again started as an annual sidewalk astronomy event in 2019 to celebrate the 1969 Moon landing. This year, they’re including a new event: a special Lunar Marathon. On July 17, On the Moon Again will host a 24-hour live show featuring astronomers and Unistellar users!

Learn more about On the Moon Again and their live Lunar Marathon!