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Messier Madness: A Week of Space Races with Stargazers Around the World

International competition features live races among the stars, aims to introduce stuck-at-home stargazers to the joy of astronomy   MOUNTAIN VIEW AND MARSEILLE – February 25, 2021 – Astronomers across North America, Europe and Japan have joined forces for a friendly competition to observe iconic deep-sky objects—all in hopes of getting stargazers curious about astronomy…

Join Us: Unistellar Winter Solstice Star Party

On December 21, stargazers worldwide are invited to join the Unistellar Winter Solstice Star Party, hosted by citizen astronomers, hobbyists and professional astronomers from around the globe. Events include observations of winter’s most brilliant Deep-Sky Objects, inspiring astronomy lessons, and spectacular images from eVscope users around the  globe. At the very end of the evening,…

Nickname the Asteroid Contest

Unistellar and SETI Institute have mobilized the world's largest citizen astronomer network to conduct valuable astronomical research on Near-Earth Asteroid 1999 AP10. Citizen astronomers across the planet are helping expand our knowledge of this asteroid, so we are giving the world's astronomy lovers a chance to leave their mark on science!