Detecting Exoplanets and Asteroids: First Citizen Science Successes for Backyard Astronomy

Mountain View and Marseille, June 11, 2020. Citizen science pioneers recently made two contributions to a better knowledge of outer space. Backyard astronomers of the SETI Institute and Unistellar network conducted in April citizen science observations, and their discoveries will improve our understanding of asteroids and exoplanets. Thanks to their work, we know precisely the…


Fragmentation of Comet ATLAS observed on the First Crowd-Sourced Pictures from Citizen Astronomers

UPDATE: Mountain View and Marseille, April 17, 2020. A group of citizen astronomers scattered all over the world has just demonstrated how a network of digital Unistellar eVscopes can work together to deliver the first-of-its-kind crowd-generated images of Comet ATLAS while its disintegrating. […] A similar call for observations was released on Tuesday, April 14…


Successful Launch of Unistellar’s Global Telescope Network

San Francisco and Marseille, February 20. From California to Finland, from Manitoba to Paris, it’s now official: Unistellar eVscopes are being delivered all around the world and have begun providing users with unique, live outer space observing experiences. Unistellar was created in 2015 to develop the very first light-amplified, user-friendly digital telescope. The eVscope allows…