The Thrill and Science of Space Is in Your Hands: Introducing the eVscope eQuinox

SAN FRANCISCO AND MARSEILLE – March 22. Unistellar announced today a new version of its popular technology that is advancing your ability to interact with space through the process of scientific discovery. The new eVscope eQuinox features the brand’s signature smart telescope technologies, a uniquely powerful combination of speed and sensitivity-to-light in one sleek, compact…


We Got It: The Story of Astronomers and Citizen Astronomers Catching Hazardous Asteroid Apophis over Colorado and Louisiana

Franck Marchis, Chief Scientific Officer of Unistellar and Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, tells us the whole story, from the first hint to the latest successes about this unique citizen planetary defense campaign.   Like most things in science, it started with an email. On February 1, Josselin Desmars, from Observatoire de Paris, contacted…