Inventor of the Enhanced Vision.
CNRS Researcher in Image
processing, he also designed a
special LASER microscope. Degree
from Ecole Polytechnique and
Imperial College.


Canned all this technology into
the eVscope product. Former
CEA Research Engineer, he led
technical projects related to
ITER. MS degree from ENSAM.

Dr Antonin BOROT
Chief of Optical Engineering

Experienced Entrepreneur, he
designed the optical architecture
of the eVscope. CEA researcher.
Degree from Ecole Polytechnique.

Chief Scientific Officer

He extends the range of the
eVscope to research applications.
Senior Astronomer at the SETI
Institute, first discoverer of a triple

I still remember my disappointment when, at age 14, I first
saw the Andromeda galaxy, the most prominent deep-sky
object in the Northern Hemisphere.

After an hour of patiently studying the sky and carefully
pointing my telescope, I finally saw a strange misty gray
stain appear where I expected to see a vibrantly colored
disk of light.

Many years later my friend Arnaud Malvache (who also
happens to be a researcher in optics and image
processing) shared a similar memory with me.

But he also had an idea. What if we used a low-light
sensor to progressively intensify the light we see through
the eyepiece of a telescope?

We quickly decided to make a prototype of such a device
to get a feel for what it could do, and while designing we
implemented the sensors, connectivity and artificial
intelligence that ultimately brought this project to another

For the first time astronomy fits in a compact and simple
to use device that is both a powerful scientific instrument,
and an amazing educative tool.

France office
Unistellar SAS, 100 impasse des houillères


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US office
Unistellar Corp, 543 Mangels Avenue
San Francisco CA 94127, USA


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