Unistellar’s story

Unistellar started when its four founders (three scientists and one industrial engineer) shared a similar experience about hobby astronomy. They remember when at the age of 14, they first saw the Andromeda galaxy, the most prominent deep-sky object in the Northern Hemisphere.
After one hour of patiently studying the sky and carefully pointing their telescope, they finally caught in the eyepiece a strange misty gray stain.  All of them had expected to see a vibrantly colorful disk of light like they saw on TV and in books.

Many years later, Arnaud Malvache had an idea: What if we used a low-light sensor to progressively intensify the light we see through the eyepiece of a telescope? He discussed this idea with the other founders… And thus began our journey, the Unistellar’s journey.

After three years of development, Unistellar has made a fully functional prototype. In early summer 2017it was shown around in Europe and in the USA. The company has now started the manufacturing of as a final product, the eVscope.

press releases

Democratizing Astronomy One Child At A Time

SETI Institute-Unistellar Partnership Promises to Revolutionize Amateur Astronomy

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July 18 2017

 It’s Official!! The eVscope from Unistellar Gets Kickstarted

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October 25 2017

Das Start-up Unistellar greift nach den Sternen

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September 21 2017

Unistellar to receive CES 2018 Innovation Award for smart, powerful, crowd-funded consumer telescope

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January 8 2018

Democratizing Astronomy One Child At A Time

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January 30 2018